DiskDisain’s series of interior lighting elements take inspiration from the architectural wonders of Tallinn. Each piece is named after the building that informed its creation. Like great architecture our work is designed with form, function and quality at its heart. That’s why every light is made with solid hardwood offering a natural beauty that tempers the geometric and modern nature of its form. Our environmentally friendly lamps are made to last a lifetime and designed to never go out of fashion.


Tornimäe 2 B is made from birch with a walnut base and light fitting. The lamp is designed as a warm mood light with a dimmabel incandescent light bulb.


Tornimäe 2 B can be customised with a personal message of up to 40 characters (included in the price).


Dimensions vary slightly as each piece of wood is unique but are always around 60cm high, 10cm wide and 11cm deep.

Tornimäe 2 B

125,00 €Price